TMP Send - FAQ's

What can i upload

You can upload any file type you like
We just ask you don't upload any illegal material, viruses or material that will cause offence. This is against our Terms.

Can I Use This To Store Files

You should NOT use this as a storage service. Your file will be securely deleted after 7 days. We will not be able to recover it after deletion.

Why do i need this site

If you are sending large file to friends, Family or just need a file hosted temporarily. TMPSend will allow you to upload a file once, and then download multiple times. The file available on a high speed server ready for download any time for 7 days
Even if your mail box does not allow the files size or file type, create a link and send the link with ease!

If you are sending log fils to developer. This is te perfect solution as there are no download limits and the files are deleted after 7 days.

What size does the file have to be

You can upload any file, any size as long as it does not exceed 1GB.

What happens to my file

We keep your file for 7 days and then it is deleted. The file will no longer exist on our servers. The link will stay active but you will not be able to download the file.

1 Year after the file is uploaded the link may be recycled and used again.

Who will see my file

We do not share you link with anyone. The link is unique to the file you upload and you can send to who you like for them to gain access. Once the file has expired the file is securely deleted and the link will stay active for 1 year. After this the link can be recycled and used again.

What are the limitations

You can upload any file, as long as it does not exceed 1GB. You can upload as many files as you like.